Traditional values

The importance of values is critical to any dis­cussion of poverty, crime, illegitimacy, drug abuse, riots, mental illness, or radicalism.  People fall into these because they haven’t matured and developed solid values.     When in teaching, politics, and social work, I saw most liberal values do a lot of damage.

Liberal values                                     Traditional values

Pyramid games

            A story on TV featured an overweight woman on a jerry-rigged bench in a meeting room explaining why she bought into a pyramid game.  She ‘really needed’ the money.  Perhaps she was one of those who cashed in her life insurance and drove long distances nightly to be in a pyramid. 

            I went to two pyramid meetings.  The secrecy and security measures gave them an uneasy air.  The crowd was a mixture of average people with a sprinkling of hard types.

Gambling as a cancer

Many states have turned to lotteries.  They are appealing and they can be sold as ‘money for education’; but is this the way to raise money?

Catholics do not see gambling as a vice until excessive.  Protestants do, saying it promotes the idea of something for nothing:  ‘Lotteries are … symptoms of … selfishness… (they promote) vic­timization of the poor (and) … give sanction to (a) … wasteful lifes­tyle …’ said the Ohio Council of Churches.

American characteristics

capitolBeing separated by two oceans from most of the world, we Americans are somewhat isolated. We tend to see things through our eyes. As the world grows smaller, the competition stiffer, our position less dominant, and we absorb more immigrants, it time to review our traits­­.


POSITIVE ================================================

  1. Fair
  2. No one is above the law (basically).
  3. Police and government officials can generally be trusted.
  4. Minorities and women have gained rights.
  5. More rights are being gained by­ homosex­uals, the handicapped, and undocumented workers.
  6. No spoils system nor nepotism in politics generally.

Decline of values

As a former social worker, teacher and political aide, I think many of our problems can be traced to a decline of values since the mid-60s. Before then people were quiet in theaters and libraries; they didn’t disturb others as much with loud radios. There wasn’t as much public profanity; movies didn’t have to be rated, nor Halloween candy checked. Graffiti wasn’t exhibited as art; and drunks, runaways, and bums were dealt with firmly. There wasn’t neighborhood watch. There weren’t live-in guards nor metal detectors at schools, nor as much gam­bling, pornography, and drugs.

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