Stories on TV about the poor are depressing enough without the bafflegab of professionals.  Take one about a housing project in Chicago:

  1. The poor there receive many benefits from the government. They say they want the best for their children, but one third of the girls got pregnant by 15.They vow not to have another child, but do.  Many don’t consider abortion because of an ‘appreciation for life’. One had seven kids and left them with her mother to ‘self-medicate’ on drugs.(‘medicate’?) She wouldn’t change because ‘chemically dependent people aren’t ready for help’.  (When will she be ‘ready’?) Many of the students don’t have ‘classroom skills’. ‘It never occurs to these people to look in the paper for work because the habits of work aren’t available to them’.  (‘available’?) They don’t look for work because of ‘psychological barriers’ – like racism.  (Racism didn’t stop others of the same group from working.)
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