The immature at a traffic school

Long ago I went to traffic school in an upscale part of my county and it was all right.  Later I went to another in a less affluent part and it was dreadful.  The1st session was marked by nail-bitters, knuckle-crack­ers, pickers, fidgeters, scofflaws, and smart-alecks.  Many had to ‘test’ the instructor to see if he drank, bent the law, was hypocriti­cal, etc.  There was a lot of joking about booze, drugs, and sex.  I thought I was in junior high.

At the second session I moved to the other side of the room.  Same thing: scratchers, change-jigglers, ballpoint clickers, and one jiggling his leg so much 6 chairs down, I could feel it. Two talked loudly of going l30 on a motorcycle.  Cool, man.  Others in the front had their feet up on the paneling.  The instructor from the Hiway Patrol did nothing about it or the talking during his lecturing.  He tried too hard to be a good guy and to entertain us.  He was loud, slammed the table, yelled, ribbed someone continually, put on a lot of acts, and took forever to get to the point.  He turned the volume up too high on the video. At the end, when we were dying to leave, he had to get cute about the names his couldn’t read or pronounce.

I don’t want another ticket because I never want to spend eight hours with such awful people.