Notes on issues I don’t have time to pursue. They are my opinion except where a source is listed.

It has to be one of the best ways to reduce, crime, welfare, and single-parent families, and poverty. . How can you care about the poor and not allow them abortion. Other countries accept it far more easily as a practical matter.


John d Rockefeller the 1st said giving money away intelligently was harder than making it. Warren Buffet agreed.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in helping the poor has been grameen- While it uses debt, similar programs use savings –

Study the success of legalizing of some drugs in Switzerland, Holland, Portugal ….

By opening up their economies [to capitalism], India and China dragged millions out of poverty. L.a. times 1/10/05. This was probably the greatest reduction of poverty in history.
In ’08 Canada didn’t have the $ crisis we did.

Far right
It’s sexually repressed – resisting sex education, premarital sex, gays, and promoting condoms in
foreign countries – though this reduces aids. It considers itself a guardian of ‘life:’ no stem cell research, right-to-die, abortion, or the morning after pill [which reduces abortions]. It resists needle exchanges, though this reduces aids, and it resists divorce though many people are happier being single again or marrying again.

Mutural funds are one of the greatest contributions to financial democracy. pbs 3/99

[Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered] Gratifying that we’re finally discussing these. They aren’t a threat. Amazing so much time and effort has been spent resisting them.

Political systems
The most poverty exists where people are the least free, said former sec. of the treasury, William E. Simon.

No substantial famine has occurred in a country with a democratic form of government and a relatively free press. – Prof Sen, trinity college, cambridge. nobel prize – economist l0/98 –

Freedom brings responsibility. Capitalism, democracy, and privatization provide the most of freedom and responsibility. I believe secularism does too.

It’s legal in over half the countries.


Social classes
‘…in America the housing subsidy to the richest fifth [through mortgage interest relief] is 4 times the amount spend on pub housing for the poorest 5th. The Economist Oct l3, 0l2.

‘…no wall st. financier has done as much damage to American social mobility as the teachers’
unions have. The Economist Oct l3, 0l2.

Social work
No way to cure drugs addicts; they have to ‘mature out’ of it. said 60 min l2/92. I think this is true of
alcoholism, compulsive gambling, crime, many forms of mental illness, and other social problems.

World government
Give the United Nations a Little Competition By RUTH WEDGWOOD If the United Nations can’t reform on its own, America needs to support other venues.

Although major democracies push the spread of democracy around the world, they don’t push for it in the U.N., which needs it the most.