Liberal spin on riots

Reporters did a good job of covering the riots in Los Angeles of Spring of 92 but afterwards most fell into their liberal tendency to favor those with less:

Liberals                                                              Facts


Liberal myths

I received a liberal education (in conservative Orange County, Calif.) and spent years in liberal social work in the liberal late 60s in liberal New York City. Then and since I have steadily read the liberal N.Y. Times, Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times and have found ‘liberal’ has been often used as the good house­keep­ing seal of intellectual thought. A liberal is portrayed as ‘progre­ssive, educated, compassionate, open-minded, egalitarian, and generous’.

A conservative is portrayed as ‘backward, stingy, mean, rigid, heartless, selfish, narrow, angry, and fearful’.

But many liberal programs have been disasters because they were based on the false assumptions of:

Liberal media

The importance of the news media can hardly be underestimated as most issues are decided by public opinion.  But how objective and fair are they?  We get an idea from a widely quoted survey taken in ’82 of ‘the prestige media’  (NY Times, Wash. Post, Wall St. Journal, Time, Newsweek, the three networks and PBS).  It said the media have a liberal bias as:

- Three times as many of their newsmen considered themselves liberal as conser­vative.

- 80% favored affirma­tive action.

- 79% believed in the welfare state.

- 80% voted democratic from ’64 to ’76.

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