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Bad neighborhood

I lived in a bad neighborhood for 25 years – not a slum, but not middle class.   Some people left their trash barrels out for days.  Some left so many shopping carts around, a truck had to come by periodically to collect them.  Some took parts of them to use as barbecue grills.  Some didn’t get rid of their gophers or weeds. One left the parking strip next to his property bare dirt for 25 years.  Some didn’t water, cut, or edge their lawns for weeks.  Some never trimmed their bushes or trees which partly blocked the sidewalk.  Some fences tilted forever; junk cars and debris stayed on front lawns.  Some had vehicles in the drive, a boat on the lawn, and an RV on the side.  One had six vehicles on the front lawn though there was plenty of room on the street; another had nine vehicles in the driveway.

TVs, stereos, yelling, horns, and tires squealing.  Radios on bikes and motorcycles.  Boom boxes, profanity, name calling.  Some revved up the car or boat engine they were working on for long periods – some without mufflers.  Untrained dogs barked for hours with the owners home.  Some ice cream trucks came around l2 times a day with brainless music heard 7 blocks away.  The sheriff’s deputies and county officials did nothing about this.

Occasionally there was a tremendously loud stereo or a live band in a backyard, heard l0 blocks away.  Outrageous, yet people did not call the police.  One was extremely loud; I got in my car, drove a mile home, called the police.  They wouldn’t respond unless a call came from THAT neighborhood.

When it was my neighborhood, I called.  The deputies  would ask the neighbor to turn it down; but beyond that I had to sign a complaint.  Same with dogs when I called animal control.

Lot of wrecks – many hit-n-runs.  You learned to rush out to get license numbers.

People abandoned cars, dumped trash on public land, let dogs loose without collars, stole from construction sites, and harassed Asian refugees.

A school across the street didn’t keep up its grounds, wasted heat and tons of water, and threw out desks, lumber, books, and supplies. I called everyone, got few results and no follow up.

Improvement means getting realistic views from realtors, creditors, police, insurance companies, merchants, and others who know such neighborhoods and are never asked.  This would point to law enforcement (preferably by private groups like homeowners associations).  No theories, psychobabble or countless meetings – just thankless enforce­ment of all laws big and small.

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